Blue Green City Lab is a test bed that aims to evaluate both established and not yet proven blue-green solutions. The solutions can be evaluated theoretically or in a real environment, on roofs, walls and open ground surfaces. The test bed matches builders and property owners with suppliers of solutions. The test bed also offers advice, training and the development of maintenance plans.

In the broader perspective, Blue Green City Lab contributes to more blue-green cities with fewer negative effects of extreme weather. It can contribute to biodiversity and social sustainability. The test bed will in the long run contribute to meeting the UN's global sustainability goals as well as national and local environmental goals. The test bed is not a specific physical facility, but the whole of Malmö is seen as a test bed. We work to install blue-green pilots that we can make measurements on and evaluate, in several different places in the city.

A reference group is connected to the test bed. The group's input ensures that tests performed in the test bed meet the requirements and expectations that the market has for blue-green solutions. Suppliers who want to test their solutions in the test bed thus receive valuable input into the type of measurement values ​​that are important from the buyer's perspective.

Participants in the reference group have access to advice from the test bed's experts on which solutions are suitable for their upcoming construction projects or renovations.
Participants in the group are Castellum, HSB, LKF, MKB, Skanska and Länsförsäkringar.

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The project is partly financed by Vinnova.


Per Flink
Project Manager
phone: +46 76 634 75 12


City of Malmö (project leader)

Sustainable Business Hub



Scandinavian Green Roof Institute


Blue Green City Lab