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In this project, we are working to get municipalities to identify their needs for innovation procurement for circular solutions. We do this by bringing together their procurement units with companies.


This way, the municipalities gain knowledge of what products and solutions the companies can offer and knowledge of whether their needs can be met in ways they were previously unaware of.

For the companies, we will arrange a series of different activities that will help them see what opportunities they have to reach out to the public with their products and solutions. The project extends outside of Sweden and gives companies that want to look outwards opportunities for contacts with procurement organizations.

The project is partly financed by the European Union's Competitiveness of SMEs (COSME) program.

More information about the project HERE>>


Astrid Hackl

Business Developer


phone: +46 70 200 97 95


  • CLEAN (project leader) (DK)

  • Sustainable Business Hub (SE)

  • Hållbar Utveckling Skåne (SE)

  • ACR+ (B)

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