FUTURE is a partnership between companies, universities, municipalities and regions in the Greater Copenhagen area, which with the help of seven innovative case studies will demonstrate how the energy and resource systems of the future can become more intelligent and circular. In the project's seven case studies, the project partners develop and test different technologies, tools or business models within sustainable energy and resource use. The project is carried out in close collaboration between Swedish and Danish partners, but we also have a regular dialogue with external actors who have experience to share or interest in the project's results.


  • Receive help to connect with the project partners

  • Participate in dialogue meetings together with the project partners

  • Participate in conferences and seminars on energy or waste / resources

  • Join a network of recycling workshops


FUTURE should:

  • utilize, integrate and store sustainable energy in a better way to create a more flexible energy system

  • promote energy-efficient solutions for buildings


We must therefore design solutions and infrastructure that can build bridges between, on the one hand, the need for delivery security and, on the other hand, the fact that sustainable energy often is fluctuating.


FUTURE should:

  • increase resource efficiency and lead to a circular transformation of society

  • extend the life of materials and reuse waste and residues so that they are included in new cycles

  • limit the production of virgin (new) materials and thus also the use of energy.


The project shows how to control product and material flows at the local level and thereby promote intelligent material utilization.

Greater Copenhagen is a cross-border political collaboration that consists of all 46 Danish and 39 Swedish municipalities in the Öresund region as well as Region Huvudstaden, Region Själland, Region Skåne and Region Halland


More information can be found on Gate 21's website here

Film about the project can be found here

Film about the recycling shop Fixa till can be found here

The project is financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, Region Skåne, Region Huvudstaden and Region Själland as well as the project partners.


Cecilia Thapper
Project Manager
e-mail: cecilia.thapper@sbhub.se
phone: +46 73 334 76 33

Lars Persson
Project Coordinator
e-mail: lars.persson@sbhub.se
phone: +46 73 334 76 31

Swedish partners:

Sustainable Business Hub, Region Skåne, City of Lund and E.ON Sverige AB.

Danish partners:

Gate 21 (project leader), Region Huvudstaden, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, SEAS-NVE A.m.b.a, REFA Energi A/S, Geodrilling A/S (previous Heatplan), Kalundborgs kommun, Schneider Electric Danmark A/S, Lendager Strategy, RambøII Danmark A/S, AffaldPlus I/S, Aalborg Universitet, Bofa – Bornholms avfallsbehandling and Neogrid A/S.

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