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- digital platform for trading and managing energy

In the project e-Flex – digital platform for energy trade and consumer flexibility, a new approach is being tested to make the energy system both more environmentally friendly and more robust. The core is the development of a digital platform where energy is bought and sold. Both district heating, district cooling and electricity will be traded on the platform.


The goal of the project is to create a flexible energy system through an increased collaboration between energy companies and property owners. Many property owners have an untapped resource in the form of waste heat, which can be useful in the overhead energy system. Furthermore, property owners can contribute by being flexible when using heat, electricity and cooling.


The approach is a win-win for property owners and energy companies. The benefit for the energy company is that the energy systems are relieved at times when demand is high. Property owners have an increased opportunity to co-optimize their heating, cooling and electricity use and can reduce their energy costs.


During the project period, the platform will be developed and tested on a number of properties in Lund's hospital area. When the project is over, the expectation is to have developed a secure and replicable digital tool for energy trading that can be commercialized and spread, both on a smaller scale and at a city level.

Read more about the project here

The project is partly finances by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Heidi Olsson
Communication Manager
phone: +46 70 622 01 08


  • Kraftringen (project leader)

  • Sustainable Business Hub

  • Energy Opticon

  • Lund University, LTH

  • Region Skåne

  • RISE

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