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Energihamnen - resilient and sustainable energy supply for industry in Malmö

The uncertainty of the availability of electricity and gas may have a major impact on Scania's manufacturing industry in the future if nothing is done. That is why we want to take a comprehensive approach to the energy system in Malmö, a so-called system demonstrator.

Energihamnen (Energy Harbour) will be a pilot for developing a sustainable energy supply system that will make industries less exposed to external influences.

In the project, we visualize what a resilient energy system can look like that gives the industry greater security and predictability regarding the availability of energy. The sights are set on an industry whose energy supply is 100 percent renewable or recycled.

The project is partly financed by Vinnova.

Per-Johan Wik

Project manager
tfn: +46 73 334 76 33


  • Sustainable Business Hub (project leader)

  • E.ON Energilösningar

  • Malmö stad

  • Region Skåne

  • TEXEL Energy Storage

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