Urban Magma

Urban Magma

Urban Magma’s vision is that the south of Sweden will be an international leader in the development of products and services for technical supply systems in urban areas: power, water/sewage and waste. It will be a place that attracts foreign companies and investors to the region and creates growth in our green-tech companies.

Within the context of Urban Magma, local authorities, companies and academics are jointly defining the needs of cities. Companies are then matched to these needs for product and service development.

With their ambitious sustainability objectives, the urban development areas of Hyllie in Malmö, Brunnshög in Lund, H+ in Helsingborg and Vilans strandängar in Kristianstad are acting as drivers of progress where innovations can be both tested and implemented.

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Per Simonsson
Managing Director
e-mail: per.simonsson@sbhub.se
phone: +46 (0)766-34 75 63

Partners: Sustainable Business Hub (project leader), Lunds kommun, Malmö Stad, Helsingborgs Stad, Kristianstad kommun Region Skåne, , LU Open, Malmö Högskola, SLU/Alnarp, Kraftringen, Tyréns, Alfa Laval and SP.