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Cleantech and Digitalization

tisdag 11 maj 2021

2:00 em



Interested in cleantech or digitalization? Considering becoming an entrepreneur? This is an opportunity for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet experienced female entrepreneurs, expand your network and meet people who can help you succeed. Join us!

Cleantech and Digitalization


- from idea to product for a sustainable tomorrow

You will get expert advice and insights on where to start, understand how to get the support you need and meet two inspiring and experienced female entrepreneurs who will share their amazing start-up journeys.

If you would like to get individual feedback on your start-up idea, business plan, financing options or other topics related to starting a company, you can also sign up for a 1:1 meeting with one of our experts! You do not need to have a specific idea or business plan to sign up. These 1:1 meeting are also meant for general discussions about life as an entrepreneur, and they give you the opportunity to discuss your ambitions and concerns with someone who has already started a company. 

Within the fields of cleantech and digitalization, female entrepreneurs are strongly under-represented. Therefore, this event is primarily meant for women who are interested in entrepreneurship and would like to learn more about the startup journey. However, we welcome anyone who is interested in joining the event.


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