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Green Bond 2

The goal of the project is to develop a formaldehyde-free binder based on protein extracted from the residual products of the rapeseed oil industry, for the production of environmentally friendly chipboards, fiberboards and wood veneer panels. The adhesive system must be a fossil-free alternative to conventional adhesives, based on formaldehyde and isocyanate. The project will show how a material that today is partly regarded as waste can be refined and utilized as a valuable resource. The project will also show the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that the use of "green binders" provides.

​The project is expected to result in the development of commercially applicable techniques for extracting proteins from rapeseed cakes and that it can be demonstrated on a practical scale that adhesive systems based on produced protein extracts are suitable for use as binders in the manufacture of wood fiber and chipboard. Testing of manufactured prototypes must be able to show that the use of new, fossil-free adhesive systems produces products that meet both technical and environmental requirements according to European standards, while avoiding the health risks associated with the use of formaldehyde and isocyanates.

​The project is based on collaboration between expertise from Sweden and Germany.

​The project is partially financed by Vinnova.

Håkan Rosqvist

phone: +46 73 438 74 55


  • Sustainable Business Hub (project leader)

  • Gunnarshögs Gård

  • Lund University

  • NSR

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