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Sustainable Business Hub is a cluster organization in southern Sweden with a focus on smart sustainable cities. The business is based on the non-profit association and its members and is run in a limited company owned by the non-profit association. Our members come from both business, government and academia.


Sustainable Business Hub was founded in 2000 and is one of eight clusters that Region Skåne supports.


We are financed through membership fees, grants from Region Skåne, project funds from Vinnova and

various EU funds as well as funds for assignments within Smart City Sweden.


We implement the agenda for a greener society.


We offer a platform for collaboration where green innovations, development and business are created.


We shall

  • build networks between companies, the public sector, universities and colleges as well as organizations

  • be a hub for the development and dissemination of good examples


in order to

  • facilitate the marketing and commercialization of member companies' products, knowledge and system solutions

  • improve export opportunities


in order to

  • help companies succeed better and have a positive growth

  • be an active party that contributes to an improved environment in the Baltic Sea

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