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Smart City Sweden

Smart City Sweden is a national export and demonstration platform that highlights Swedish know-how about smart and sustainable cities for an international market. The focus areas are climate, energy & environment, mobility, digitalisation, urban planning and social sustainability.

The goal for Smart City Sweden is to increase the number of relevant visits to Sweden, which in turn will contribute to increasing the spread of Swedish solutions, increase exports for Swedish companies and contribute to meeting the UN's global goals by 2030.

The activities are covered by a national office, which is run by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, and six regional nodes to make it possible to show good examples throughout the country. The ambition is to show the best practises in the regions and great emphasis will be placed on the story of Sweden's development linked to sustainable solutions where companies that can contribute to a sustainable city are made visible and involved.


The node for Region South is coordinated by the Sustainable Business Hub.


Special focus is put on following up the international visits. A joint process will be developed in order to make it easier for Swedish companies to export their solutions and thereby contribute to solving urban challenges around the world.


Smart City Sweden is not a project but an assignment that is financed and coordinated by the Swedish Energy Agency on behalf of the government. In addition to the export and investment platform itself, the Smart City Sweden assignment also includes increased cooperation between seven authorities, continued support for Swedish Cleantech, and an overall evaluation assignment.

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Astrid Hackl

Business Developer
phone: +46 70 200 97 95

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