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To make it easier for a municipality to calculate its climate footprint in the form of carbon dioxide emissions, a computerized simulation model, the CommitClimate Simulator, must be developed. The model must also be able to produce different future scenarios.

In the project, municipalities will develop, test and use the model to produce energy and climate plans with the goal of climate neutrality. Together with the model, an educational material will be produced that can be used by all municipalities in the Baltic Sea area.

All results and experiences will be summarized in an interactive online platform with step-by-step explanations for the CommitClimate Simulator. An educational material that describes how the tool can be used in the planning of a municipality's energy conversion is produced. The material must be usable by all municipalities in the Baltic Sea area.

​Partners in the project come from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Sweden.

The project is partially financed by Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

Per-Johan Wik
Project Manager
phone: +46 73 334 76 33


  • Sustainable Business Hub (SE)

  • Lapplands Kommunalförbund (SE)

  • Tallinn University of Technology (EE)

  • Enerhack Foundation NGO (EE)

  • Riga Technical University (LV)

  • City of Riga (LV)

  • Ekodoma Ltd (LV)

  • Cesis Municipality (LV)

  • Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cites" (PL)

  • Municipality of Pałecznica (PL)

  • Municipality of Raciechowice (PL)

  • + another 13 associated organisations from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Sweden

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