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Partnerships and collaborations

Sustainable Business Hub lead or participate in several projects within different areas of smart sustainable cities. Many of the projects include partners in other countries. We have a close collaboration with CLEAN and Gate 21 in Denmark, and also with International Cleantech Network and its member clusters.


We are always open for new partnerships and collaborations and welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss possibilities. Send an e-mail to to set up a meeting.


Study visits and webinars through Smart City Sweden

If you are interested in knowing more about Swedish smart and sustainable solutions within climate, energy & environment, mobility, urban planning, digitalisation and social sustainability, we offer study visits, webinars and digital meetings through Smart City Sweden. 


Sustainable Urban Development is in the DNA of our region (Skåne and Blekinge). It is our regional strength linked to energy, waste management and wastewater management, including stormwater management. When it comes to the field of energy, the region is especially outstanding within biogas.


If you want to know more about Smart City Sweden, contact Astrid Hackl at


Meeting companies

In our region you will find approximately half of all Swedish export oriented cleantech companies. We can arrange webinars and 1:1-meetings with companies within your area of interest. Through Smart City Sweden we have access to companies within the whole of Sweden.


If you want to be in contact with our member companies or other companies within our focus areas, contact Astrid Hackl at

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