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tis 19 maj



Webinar // Hempcrete and wood in bio-based buildings

A meeting between France, the world leader in hempcrete, and Sweden, one of the leading countries in wood construction and cross-laminated wood.

The registration is closed. If you want to participate, send an e-mail to
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Webinar // Hempcrete and wood in bio-based buildings
Webinar // Hempcrete and wood in bio-based buildings

Tid och plats

19 maj 2020 09:00 – 11:30


Om evenemanget

France is the world leader in hempcrete. It began in 1987 with the renovation of a timber-framed house and is today an industry ready to deliver for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. 

Sweden is one of the leading countries in wood construction and cross-laminated wood; also known for its engineering and design, it is a naturaI partner to the hempcrete industry. 

This is planned to be the first of several meetings in between the French hempcrete industry and Swedish building industry. 

Leading to new partnerships and an increase in knowledge of bio-based construction in both countries.

The goal with the webinar is to increase knowledge of hempcrete and to learn about France as a leader in bio-based buildings.

The long term goal is to start a cross border cooperation to increase bio-based buildings, with the ultimate goal of lowering CO2 from the construction industry.


09.00 – Jakob Nielsen, moderator of the webinar


09.15 – Paulien Strandberg, Lund University

Overview of hempcrete insulation with a focus on heat and moisture properties

09.30 – Olivier Robert, La Chanvrière

Showing the economic viability of growing hemp & certified hemp building materials

09.45 – Daniel Daviller, BCB - Tradical

Overview on hempcrete markets worldwide with a focus on certified lime for hempcrete. Tradical’s reference projects

10.00 – Christophe Lubert, LB Eco Habitat

Prefabricated hempcrete panels for a faster construction process & renovation of cultural heritage buildings

10.15 – Quentin Pichon, CAN Ingénieurs Architectes

Overview on the environmental policy EPD & hempcrete properties illustrated with CAN-ia’s most compelling construction projects

10.30 – Laurent Mouly, LM Ingénieur

Overview of multi-storey houses with hempcrete as an insulation in Paris. The forth is now under construction, a nine floor building in Boulogne-Billancoourt

10.45 – Hugo Grelet, Euromair

Euromair manufactures spray machines for hempcrete, ranging from 1,5 m3/h to 6m3/h

11.00 – Jonas Nilsson

Jonas is building Sweden’s first hempcrete house with certified materials. The house will be 50 m2 and have several exciting solutions

11.15 – Jakob Nielsen

Questions, final thoughts and presentation of the next meeting in September, in Malmö


The meeting ends

More information about the webinar, upcoming meetings and hempcrete>>

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