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EU policies and regulations related to biochar

torsdag 4 april 2024

7:00 fm



Donata Chiari, Policy officer from the European Biochar Industry Consortium, will give the latest updates on EU policies and regulations related to biochar.

EU policies and regulations related to biochar

Biochar and the system perspective of biochar have gained a lot of attention during the past years due to its multiple benefits. Biochar has the potential to mitigate global heating in various ways, (in both the global and the local perspective) and is an existing CDR technology. However, in the policy process and law making, it has not yet gained a well deserved traction. 

Lately,  a series of positive events are in the making. On February 20, a framework for carbon removal certification (CRCF) was provisionally agreed upon in the trialogues between the European Council, Parliament and Commission. The EU now states that ”the regulation will contain an open definition of carbon removal in line with the US Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This represents a huge success for the recognition and scaling of biochar carbon credits and a foundation of a quick scaling for the industry. 

Invited speaker for this webinar is Donata Chiari, Policy officer from the European Biochar Industry Consortium. She will guide us through an overview of EU policies related to biochar and will share insights in policy processes that are taking place currently. The webinar will also touch upon what we can expect for the coming years as biochar producers and users.  

This webinar is arranged by the Policy group within the cluster network Biochar Sweden.


9.00 -10.15

Welcome and introduction 

Sara Palander, Meva Energy

Introduction to the Innovation cluster Biochar Sweden

Ludvig Landen, BIOCHAR.TECH

Biochar in policies and regulations 

Donata Chiari, EBI European Biochar Industry

Questions and discussion


Invited speaker

Donata Chiari, Policy Officer at the European Biochar Industry (EBI) Consortium

Donata Chiari advocates for the inclusion of biochar in EU policy frameworks, aiming for significant policy changes at the EU level. Alongside policy activities, sharing scientific evidence with various stakeholders and engaging with different targets are key aspects of her role. Her background in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Assessment and Management contributes to her commitment to addressing contemporary climate and environmental challenges.

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