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Peak view into Sweden's first full scale low temp DH network

Rolf Strandell at Halmstad Energy and Environment is one of the speakers at the conference The Future of Thermal Grids on November 25-26. We asked a few questions about his presentation to tickle your interest.

You are going to talk about the district, Ranagård, in the municipality of Halmstad. What is special about that?

The district heating network in Ranagård, Halmstad, Sweden is the first full scale low temp DH network (500 houses and apartments) built from the design created by the world leading DH-scientist Sven Werner.

What are the challenges to success?

Communication with all stakeholders; municipality, house builders and customers. We have had to continuously inform all stakeholders, internal and external, on what is important so they don’t work as they are used to from other DH areas.

What can the participants expect from your presentation at the conference?

Hopefully learn from our successes and mistakes so they will build even more effective low temp DH networks.

Rolf Strandell is one of the speakers who will adress the topic of 4th/5th generation district heating. The other main topic is how to future proofing already existing grids.


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