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Energy Equilibrium

Renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy is taking on an ever greater role in the energy system. One problem, however, is that this energy is unplannable and fluctuating. Developing infrastructure that can balance and store energy is therefore becoming more and more important.

In order to support municipalities and energy suppliers to be able to use renewable energy sources in the region, we will develop a digital platform for energy balance analysis.

The Energy Equilibrium platform will help municipalities to:

  • Identify the most optimal development strategy for renewable energy storage and its impact on energy flexibility in the region

  • Determine key factors that affect the energy balance (balance between produced and used energy) in the region

  • Develop political mechanisms and action plans to support local renewable energy sources in the region

  • Anticipate risks and avoid costly mistakes, such as investing in unsuitable technical solutions

​Partners in the project come from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Germany.

The project is partially financed by Interreg Baltic Sea Region.


Per-Johan Wik
Project manager
phone: +46 73 334 76 33


  • Sustainable Business Hub (SE)

  • Tomelilla kommun (SE)

  • ZEBAU - Centre for Energy, Construction, Architecture and the Environment Ltd (DE)

  • Thermopolis Ltd (FI)

  • Lithuanian Energy Institute (LT)

  • Riga Technical University (LV)

  • Gulbene Municipality (LV)

  • Gulbenes Nami, Ltd (LV)

  • Tukums Municipality (LV)

  • Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)

  • Mikołajki Pomorskie Commune (PL)

  • Wejherowo Municipality (PL)

  • + another 3 associated organisations from Lithuania and Poland

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