Greater Bio is a project where Swedish and Danish actors work together to find solutions to challenges in the field of bioeconomy. The work is based on biomasses that are available in the Öresund region. We work in specific cases to carry out technical tests, develop prototypes, perform comparative socio-economic analyzes and develop business models. The biomasses that will be studied include seaweed, grass clippings, garden waste, food waste, hemp and other residual raw materials from agriculture. A tool will also be developed for municipalities to evaluate how they can best use available biomass.


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In Skåne, the main focus will be on three cases:

Here we gather experiences from Trelleborg municipality's previous projects on biogas and ongoing projects on biochar. We will also gather experience from the Danish biogas plant where seaweed is used today. Comparative analyzes, technical tests, development of questions about collection and permits and development of a business model for seaweed will be carried out.

NSR is building a pyrolysis plant in Helsingborg 2020 and with the help of the project, they will work together with a number of other actors to develop biochar with different properties and prototypes of products where biochar is used. Business models for biochar will also be developed.

Buildings account for 30 percent of global climate emissions and more and more focus is being placed on building materials and the construction process. Within the project, Lund University will study and evaluate various bio-based building materials and we will have a dialogue with municipalities and construction companies about these materials. We will also look at the alternative uses that exist for some of these materials, where hemp is specifically designated. Skåne already has research and companies in hemp lime materials, but the industry is new in Sweden and a business model will be developed for the Swedish market.

The project is financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, Region Skåne, Region Huvudstaden and Region Själland as well as the project partners.

Greater Bio

Cecilia Thapper
Project Manager
e-mail: cecilia.thapper@sbhub.se
phone: +46 73 334 76 33

Swedish partners:

Sustainable Business Hub


2050 Consulting


Kommunförbundet Skåne

Trelleborgs kommun

Lunds universitet


Danish partners:

Gate21 (project leader)

Roskilde universitet

Lejre kommun

Odsherrad kommun

Business Lolland-Falster



EC Network